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Hi, I have been a dietitian for over 25 years and have worked in large teaching hospitals in Montreal and Toronto. While working as a hospital dietitian, I also had a private practice in Montreal.

My interest in nutrition grew profoundly when I was diagnosed with ‘reactive hypoglycemia’ and referred to a dietitian. The dietary modifications helped me tremendously to overcome most of my symptoms. This prompted me to go back to school and complete my undergraduate degree in dietetics at McGill University.

My quest for knowledge never stops! A few years later and in between my jobs in Toronto, I completed my masters degree at Ryerson University, specializing in nutrition communications. I have been very lucky to have great jobs during my clinical practice as a dietitian. These jobs have given me great exposure to a variety of patients with acute and chronic diseases.

I am passionate about providing the best nutrition care to my patients and clients about their special dietary needs. After all these years, I still continue learning new concepts and trends in nutrition and staying up to date.

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